Welcome to St. John the Apostle Parish

St. John the Apostle Church

Welcome to St. John the Apostle Catholic Community! We happily offer you this website as a quick-reference of who-we-are at St. John's.

The holy sacrifice of the Mass really begins in the Atrium/Narthex of St. John's church. Greeters are these to open doors and welcome both our every-Sunday faithful and our cherished guests. The Eucharist is Jesus' gift, first of all, to the Father, then for our sake and for all humanity. For our part, we offer ourselves to our loving Father in union with Jesus gift of Himself.

St. John's is so much more than 'brick and mortar'. Since its foundation on the feast of St. John, December 27, 1958 has been a parish of people-a vibrant mix of cultures, races, ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, and lifestyles. Over these past 47 years, the parish of St. John's has celebrated that same Eucharist in such diverse places as small, basement room of the first rectory, the gymnasium of Meadowlane school, and what is now the Principal's office and library of the school. In this Year of the Eucharist we worship our God in our newly renovated church-marking our first 25 years in the physical 'center' of our parish life.

Jesus on the Cross

But the true beauty of St. John's is not in her physical plant, but in her spiritual people. The Holy Father reminds us that "the Church lives from the Eucharist." Each Mass we celebrate serves the life of Christ, the life of Christ in the Church, by the power of the Holy Spirit. What matters is to make that step from the "Mass celebrated" to the "Mass lived"-from the mystery that is to the renewal of life.

What the Holy Father hoped for was that we come to appreciate the 'eucharistic' face of Christ. What we hope for at St. John's is that you come to discover and appreciate the face of Jesus in the faces that are St. John's. Jesus describes himself as the "light of the world" (Jn 8:12), yet at Mass the glory of Christ remains veiled. That's why we need the 'eucharist-ed' faces of each other at St. John's.

May your involvement in each and all of the groups and activities of St. John's-powered by our active participation in the Eucharist-deepen our ability to recognize Him in the "break of bread." Jesus' body and blood are truly present under the signs of bread and wine. As we approach Christ himself in Communion, we will be empowered to discover how He keeps His promise to be among us until the end of time.

Again, welcome to St. John's! We are here that together we better discover the fellowship which God wishes to establish with us and which we ourselves must built with one another. Together we are St. John's.

Sincerely in the Eucharistic Lord,

Fr. Lyle M. Johnson, Pastor