About the Parish

St. John the Apostle Church

Pastor Associate Pastor
Rev. Lyle M. Johnson Rev. Christopher M. Eckrich

Mass Schedule:
Click here for a breakdown. Special schedules for Holy Days and other holidays can also be found here.

Celebration of Sacraments:
Last Sunday each month at 1:00pm. All parents are required to attend the Baptism instruction class. The class meets on the Monday prior to Baptism Sunday in the Conference Room at 6:00pm. Must be a registered and practicing Catholic for six months before the Baptism. Please contact the Rectory for Baptism instruction arrangements.

Saturdays from 3:00pm-3:50pm and 5:00pm-5:30pm, Vigil of First Fridays 6:45pm-7:45 pm, Vigil of Holy Days 6:45pm-7:00pm.

Holy Eucharist:
For shut-ins and those recovering from illness, please contact the Rectory to arrange for home visit.

The Priests must be notified 6 months before the proposed marriage date. All couples must be registered and regularly attend Mass. ALL COUPLES are required to attend an Engaged Encounter weekend as part of their marriage preparation.

Anointing of the Sick:
Individual celebration upon request. Call the rectory.

Parish Registration:
New Parishioners:
Please register as a member of the parish as soon as you move in by phoning the Rectory during the week. For details on school registation, please see the school website.

Present Parishioners:
Please notify the Rectory of any changes of address.