Phase III - Questions and Answers

Phase III

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How will we grow spiritually?

  • Increase our faith and deepen our trust in God.
  • Strengthen our parish family in the unity of Christ.
  • Grow in discipleship of our time, talent, and financial stewardship.

What will the campaign accomplish through our financial support?

  • The initial $600,000 raised for this campaign will be utilized for "Forward Funding" of the School. That means the funds will be utilized for, (1) teachers salaries, (2) cost of living increases, (3) health insurance increases, and (4) ongoing expenses of our school.
  • The second phase of the campaign will be the construction of a new office space. This will be a 4,500 sq. ft. space at an estimated cost of $800,000. [See plans in the Atrium].
  • The third phase of the campaign will be for the construction of a new Rectory/ Residence for the parish priests of St. John's as well as the resident and retired priests that will serve our parish. The estimated cost is $600,000.
  • The fourth phase of the campaign will be the demolition of the two old Rectories, the expansion of the parking lot and a new entrance/exit onto Skyway Road. The estimated cost is $200,000.

Why is this campaign important?

  • St. John the Apostle is celebrating fifty years as a parish. In that period thousands of people have been blessed and brought into a closer union with Christ. Now we are preparing for the next fifty years by equipping our parish for future generations.
  • St. John the Apostle School is a priority of this parish. We want to maintain its excellence and make it an affordable school for all parishioners.
  • We need adequate offices that are safe and handicap accessible for visits with Fr. Johnson and Fr. Bernardo, but which will also serve as an appropriate and efficient environment for our church staff.
  • We need a rectory/residence that is appropriate for our priests. We love our priests and we need to express that love by providing a home that is comfortable for them and hospitable to all who visit.
  • We need additional parking at several of our weekend Masses and access onto Skyway Road that will allow a safe entrance and exit from the (East) parking lot.
  • This campaign will mark the completion of the three phases of construction that were initiated 28 years ago.

What is the cost of the project?

The cost breakdown is as follows:

  • $600,000 for the "Forward Funding" of our school.
  • $800,000 is estimated for the new office space.
  • $600,000 is the estimated cost of the new rectory.
  • $200,000 for the parking expansion and exit onto Skyway Road.
  • Total Cost: $2,200,000.

How can we raise this much money?

  • We have a generous donor who will match the "Forward Funding" of $300,000 to bring the total for future school expenditures to $600,000.
  • The matching money for the parking expansion will come from scrip over the next five years.
  • From the Renewed Beginning (Phase II renovation of the church interior) we have $200,000 in savings over the costs of the renovation. As promised this is money we are putting into the Gratitude Renewed (Phase III) campaign.
  • The total goal of our campaign is $1,500,000.

What am I being asked to do?

  • On November 8th and 9th all parishioners will be asked to make a commitment to the "Gratitude—Renewed" campaign during Mass.
  • This commitment will come after prayerfully considering what each person's part will be.
  • The theme of our campaign is: "Not equal gifts, but equal sacrifice." In other words, we give as we have been blessed.
  • It will include sacrifice. A sacrificial gift requires a reassessment of our spending and lifestyle, and a re-adjustment of our priorities.
  • The Bishop's Letter on Stewardship states: "A Christian Steward is one who receives God's gifts gratefully, cherishes them…shares them generously with others out of justice and love, and returns them to the Lord with increase. Stewardship is about discipleship and daily living."

When will my financial commitment begin?

  • An announcement of our total amount committed will occur on Dec. 6th and 7th. We will ask people to begin their commitment on that weekend.

What if I am making a commitment to the Pius Campaign and have not completed my commitment to the "Renewed Beginning" campaign?

  • When your commitment has been fulfilled by these other campaigns you may begin this campaign. It must be, of course, according to your timing.

When will construction begin on the Office Complex?

  • The office complex will be the initial construction and can begin in the spring summer of 2009 if the commitments to this campaign indicate that the cost will be covered.
  • This campaign is an important anniversary gift for the next 50 years of our parish. It is vital that each parishioner does their part. Larger gifts may include stock, collectibles, securities and real estate. Other gifts may include cash, checks, and the faith that accompanies these gifts.
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