School Handbook

The Handbook of St. John the Apostle School is given to all parents of students. They should read, sign the form at the back of the book to indicate both parents and students have read the handbook. The information in its entirety is reproduced here for reference throughout the year.

The table of contents is below. You can click on the link to the left to read the entire handbook or the section below to start at that section.

Section 1 Prayer
Section 2 Athletics
Section 3 Attendance
Section 4 Bicycles
Section 5 Extended School Care
Section 6 Hot Lunch Program
Section 7 Office Hours
Section 8 Sexual Harassment
Section 9 Student Homework
Section 10 Suspension and Expulsion
Section 11 Uniform and Dress Code
Section 12 Specific Clothes Allowed
Section 13 NU Days

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